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What are the minimum and maximum pipe sizes?

150mm - 2000mm


Does it work for every material?

Our technology has successfully been run on any major material such as concrete, reinforced concrete, vitrified clay, various kinds of plastics and liners.


Does it work for different profiles?

Our technology has successfully been run on circular and egg-shaped profiles. In case you have a special type of profile, we are happy to evaluate the suitability of our technology for the given profile.


Is it able to detect all defects?

The software detects all damages. Filter functions allow to hide damages of minor relevance.


What is the precision and recall for the various defect classes?

To be able to provide consistent quality across varying factors (see next paragraph) we have human experts in the loop, which support the detection algorithm whenever it is uncertain. On average, this combination of algorithm and internal quality control surpasses the precision and recall of a manual operator.

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