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Sewer Experts by Heart

Faulty sewers are a major threat to communities and the environment. We strive to make wastewater management simpler, more reliable and more sustainable.


Developed in Switzerland

We're a Swiss company and aim to provide outstanding quality and reliability. Our headquarters are located in the center of Zurich directly at the Platzspitz where the city's two rivers, Sihl and Limmat, converge. Come visit us whenever you are in town.


We are a team of environmental engineers, designers, computer and data scientists with diverse backgrounds and a strong track record of technical expertise. Our members have gained invaluable experience working at renowned institutions such as Google, along with collaborating closely with research labs at ETH ZurichRWTH Aachen, Eawag and the MIT. This collective knowledge and focus empowers us to push the boundaries of environmental solutions.


Join us on our mission to make cities & counties more sustainable and resilient.

Old Infrastructure

Majority of sewers were built a long time ago and are reaching their end-of-service life. The average sewer in the US is 45 years old and they were designed to only last 50 – 80 years.

New Demands From Increased Runoff

Climate change increases frequency and magnitude of rain events. Additionally, urbanization causes more areas to be sealed and higher population density generating higher rain- and wastewater runoff to be drained by sewers.

Aging Workforce

An army of people has been responsible for ensuring that our sewers operate uninterrupted everyday. But large parts of the current workforce will retire in the next decade and with them the knowledge will be lost.


Under Nearly Every Road Is a Sewer

In the US and EU alone, there are about 2.4 million miles of public sewers. Sewers are a major foundation of public health and environmental protection as they transport wastewater and rainwater from households to treatment plants.

«It’s Never Been More Crucial to Understand Our Sewers

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