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Increase Your Sewer Inspection by 26%

Keep using your existing equipment and crew while inspecting more sewers per day.

CCTV Camera sewer inspection robot

With Pallon, inspecting sewers is a breeze.

Increase Your Output Dramatically

more inspections


Unlock Maximum Speed

Keep inspecting your sewers as usual. Once you have properly recorded a defect with your camera, you can continue with your inspection straight away without losing time on reporting the defect.

Serve as Many Clients as Possible

No longer limited by the number of your experts who can properly report defects. With us you can inspect sewers and manholes at full capacity right now.

No Complaints From Engineers

Due to our high quality standard there a very few complaints by engineers. In any case, no need to worry about re-working defect reports until they satisfy engineers, we will take care of that for you.


The job a sewer inspection operator is challenging and tiresome. With us operators' work day gets less tiring, simpler and more predictable – so operators stay safe & relaxed and can be home on time.

What are benefits for the operators?

The number of defects present in an object to be inspected is often extremely uncertain. Since the project duration is highly dependent on the number of defects, it is difficult to accurately estimate the amount of work required in advance and thus always meet deadlines. With us, project delivery becomes less dependent on the number of defects, which facilitates planning and thus contributes to easier adherence to delivery schedules.

Can you help us meet our delivery deadlines?

We support almost all major hardware setup and coding standards. For more details explore What is supported? or reach out to us.

Does it work with our existing hardware and software?

Yes, users can filter defects according to their preferences. For example, one can set the filter so only longitudinally displaced joints >10mm are reported, while for another project longitudinally displaced joints >20mm are reported.

My customers have different preferences for defect coding, can you consider this?

All your communications with us are encrypted with SSL in state-of-the-art configuration. While stored on secure, state-of-the-art data centers, your data is encrypted at rest with AES-128. Our servers are always kept up-to-date with the latest patches and updates and are equipped with intrusion prevention systems. Additionally, your login can be protected against hacking with two-factor authentication. Backups of your data are kept in a separate geographical location and can be restored at any time. For more information reach out to us.

Is our data safe?

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