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Sewer system network operator

Manage Your Sewers With Confidence

No error-prone, inconsistent or subjective sewer assessments to plan your budget more precisely.

With Pallon sewer network management is a breeze.

Take the Right Action at the
Right Time


of sewers are not repaired in time


of sewers are
renewed too early

The condition assessment of sewers is prone to errors, which results in the sewers often being rehabilitated too early or too late. With us, you can reduce errors and thus save costs and the environment.

Objective & Precise Assessment

No longer varying assessment based on different experts style and daily performance. Get more consistent, objective and precise condition assessments, so you can prioritise the infrastructure assets which matter most.

Single Source of Truth

No more data silos. Instead all of your data is stored in a structured way in one single location, which is accessible for your whole team from anywhere, and stays always up to date.

Don’t Wait for Months, Cut Your Waiting Periods to Days

With faster delivery of assessments you can take actions more promptly and thus decrease the risk of infrastructure failure.


Almost all major hardware setup and coding standards are supported. For more details explore What is supported? or reach out to us. The service has been proven on thousands of kilometres and 100+ customers. Still unsure? We are happy to demonstrate our service on your own data! Try now, it's free!

Will it work with our sewers?

Yes, we tend to detect and report more defects than an average human expert. The additionally reported defects are mainly minor ones which can be important for deterioration modelling and rehab planning but are less important for condition assessment. Thus, on average the condition score does not significantly change as scoring mainly depends on the most severe defects, which hopefully have been reported by the human experts already in the past. Upon request, we offer the option to filter out minor defects which you do not want to be considered in condition scoring.

Will the condition score of our sewers become worse because you report more defects?

All your communications with us are encrypted with SSL in state-of-the-art configuration. While stored on secure, state-of-the-art data centers, your data is encrypted at rest with AES-128. Our servers are always kept up-to-date with the latest patches and updates and are equipped with intrusion prevention systems. Additionally, your login can be protected against hacking with two-factor authentication. Backups of your data are kept in a separate geographical location and can be restored at any time. For more information reach out to us.

Is our data safe?

We support the standard exchange formats, which you can easily export and import into your GIS system. Please verify beforehand that the supported exchange files are compatible with your GIS system.

How can we export data and import it into our GIS?

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